Pioneers of Responsible Cannabis


Our Story

The first of us came to Humboldt County to let go of the status quo and grow lives of our own in the late 1970s.

Humboldt's abundant sunlight and water allowed us to sustain our communities. Innovation and collaboration have enabled us to live here for decades.

Our cannabis is powered by the sun and harvested by hand. Today, we have the highest environmental standards in the industry.


Our Mission

Grow For Good


For the good of our customers

We provide an unmatched product built on the unique terroir of Humboldt County and our farmers' decades of experience.


For the good of our plants

Our farms produce cannabis grown simply with water and sunlight. We want our organic methods to inspire environmental responsibility across the industry.


For the good of our home

We are a proud Benefit Corporation that gives back to the land and community of Humboldt County, a place we are committed to protecting.

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Our Farmers

Our farmers were among the first to grow cannabis in Humboldt County.

Some of their children still grow with us. When others arrived in the late '70s and '80s, they were ready to build on the passions and methodologies of those who came before them.

From seed to preroll, it is our mission to use our decades of knowledge and experience to foster future generations of sustainable and responsible cannabis farmers.